ISO 50001 Courses

RRC in Partnership with BSI offer the following ISO 50001 courses in London and In-Company Worldwide:

ISO 50001 Requirements - 1 day
ISO 50001 Implementation - 2 days
ISO 50001 Lead Implementer - 5 Days
ISO 50001 Internal Auditor - 2 days
ISO 50001 Lead Auditor 5 days
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ISO 50001 courses are designed to help you understand and implement an energy management system based on ISO 50001 with confidence. With training, you could achieve greater savings while avoiding common mistakes. ISO 50001 can also help you with ESOS.

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ISO 45001 Requirements

This one day course enables you to identify the structure and requirements of an effective management system, and what this means for you. You'll learn to interpret and apply the key concepts and principles of the standard to existing processes within your organisation. This course is deal for anyone involved in the planning, implementing, maintaining, supervising, or auditing of an ISO 45001 Management System.

ISO 45001 Requirements Content

To gain an understanding of effective occupational health and safety management in an organisation, by providing a framework to:

  • What is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S MS) 
  • Why an OH&S MS is important to an organisation and its benefits 
  • The background of ISO 45001 and its intended outcome 
  • The terms and definitions used 
  • The key concepts and structure of ISO 45001 
  • The main requirements of ISO 45001

ISO 45001 Requirements Outcomes

This course will help you:
  • Identify the key requirements and benefits of ISO 45001
  • Manage risks and opportunities, to both health and safety and to your OH&S MS, and thereby drive continual improvement
  • Take steps to ensure that occupational health and safety is at the heart of your organisation 
  • Attract and retain workers & customers by meeting their current and future needs better

There is no formal assessment for this course. A certificate of attendance is issued to those attending the course.

ISO 50001 Implementation

This 2 day course provides the skills and knowledge required to implement the requirements of ISO 50001:2018. It covers the technical and non-technical tools and techniques needed to establish, implement and maintain an EnMS.


You must have ideally completed an Energy Fundamentals course, and must have completed an ISO 50001 Requirements Training Course; as the requirements of ISO 50001:2018 are not taught on this course.

ISO 50001 Implementation Content

  • Preparing project plans
  • Integrating EnMS into business processes
  • Gaining top management buy-in
  • Carry out energy reviews
  • Defining energy baselines and energy performance indicators
  • Building awareness
  • Identifying objectives and energy targets

ISO 50001 Implementation Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Develop and implement an EnMS based on ISO 50001:2018
  • Ensure that objectives and energy targets are aligned with the organisation’s strategic intent and intended results
  • Develop a project plan to implement ISO 50001:2018
  • Identify the resources, competencies and resources required to implement an EnMS
  • Integrate ISO 50001:2018 requirements into your business processes and with other ISO and non-ISO management systems
  • Continually improve your organisation’s energy performance and costs, environmental impacts and other objectives

ISO 50001 Lead Implementer

This 5 day course combines the ISO 50001 Requirements and Implementation courses, with an additional 2 days of content with examination. This will provide you with: An in-depth understanding of the standard; the best practice methods to implement the standard within your organisation; and ensure its effectiveness by teaching you management skills such as leadership, effective delegation, problem solving and motivation. It is designed for those who are responsible for the management and implementation of an ISO 50001 management system.

ISO 50001 Lead Implementer Content

Delegates will have the knowledge to explain:

  • What is an energy management system?
  • Why an EnMS is important to an organisation and its benefits
  • The background of ISO 50001:2018 and its intended outcome
  • The terms and definitions used
  • The key concepts and structure of ISO 50001:2018
  • The main requirements of ISO 50001:2018

Delegates will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Plan and implement an ISO 50001:2018 EnMS
  • Define the resources required to implement an EnMS
  • Establish and manage the project plans for implementing an EnMS
  • Integrate EnMS requirements into your business processes
  • Develop and utilise the technical aspects of energy review, energy baselines, energy performance indicators, and energy measurements
  • Develop energy policies, processes, objectives, targets and documented information
  • Identify the leadership skills, based on best practice, to lead the implementation of a management system, including:
    • Leading the implementation process
    • Support and planning tools
    • Facilitating organisational change
    • Effective delegation
    • Motivation

ISO 50001 Lead Implementer Outcomes

This course will help you:

  • Gain an in depth knowledge of the requirements of ISO 50001:2018
  • Develop the confidence to apply this knowledge within your organisation
  • Be able to perform detail gap analysis and project plan
  • Know what each clause requires for effective implementation
  • Develop the management skills to effectively lead the implementation of an effective ISO 50001 management system within your organisation
  • Be able to prove your knowledge by completion of the course exam

ISO 50001 Internal Auditor

This 2 day course will teach you the fundamentals of planning, conducting and reporting on an internal audit on your energy management system based on ISO 50001:2018, as well as elements of ISO 19011:2018 and ISO 50003. You will also gain an appreciation of verifying improvements in energy performance, and in assessing the effectiveness of an energy management system.


YAn understanding of the requirements in ISO 50001:2018, as covered in the Requirements course is necessary, as this course does not cover any understanding of the requirements of this standard.

ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Content

You will learn help you:
  • Explain and apply the guidelines of management systems auditing according to ISO 19011:2018
  • Explain the application of these guidelines to auditing ISO 50001:2018
  • Plan an internal audit of ISO 50001:2018
  • Prepare internal audit activities
  • Conduct an internal audit
  • Prepare and distribute the internal audit report
  • Complete the audit
  • Audit follow up

ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Benefits

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognise areas your Certification Body (CB) will be generally looking for to comply with generic internal auditing requirements in management system standards. This will include the meanings and intention of certification criteria and associated theories, methodologies, techniques or tools
  • Have the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out an internal audit of your organisation’s energy management system
  • Apply and document internal audit activities and outputs in a concise, consistent and informative manner
  • Assess and attest that your energy management system is in conformity with ISO 50001 and it is implemented effectively
  • Be confident that you are demonstrating energy performance improvements
  • Prepare your organisation for third-party audit of its energy management system

ISO 50001 Lead Auditor

The 5 day ISO 50001 Lead Auditor Course teaches you the knowledge and practical skills required to undertake and lead a successful second-party EnMS audit. You will acquire the skills to plan, conduct, report and follow up on an EnMS audit.

It is strongly recommended you attend the ISO 50001 Requirements course (or equivalent), and an energy management fundamentals course. It will also help if you have experience in conducting some internal audits and supplier audits

ISO 50001 Lead Auditor Outcomes

On completion, successful delegates will have the knowledge and skills to:


  • Explain the purpose of an EnMS, EnMS standards, management system audit, of third-party certification, and the business benefits of improved energy performance
  • Explain the role of an auditor to plan, conduct, report and follow-up an EnMS audit in accordance with ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021 of improved energy performance
  • Plan, conduct, report and follow-up an audit of an occupational health and safety management system to establish conformity (or otherwise)  with  ISO 45001, and in accordance with ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021 where appropriate.

ISO 50001 Classroom

  • ISO 50001 Requirements - 1 day
  • ISO 50001 Implementation - 2 days
  • ISO 50001 Lead Implementer - 5 Days 
  • ISO 50001 Internal Auditor - 2 days 
  • ISO 50001 Lead Auditor - 5 days

Classroom Learning with RRC & BSI

  • Expert teaching from highly experienced BSI trainers.
  • Venues - 16 UK venues.
  • Professional training environment - providing the perfect environment to learn with refreshments throughout the day including lunch.
  • Detailed course notes.
  • Internationally recognised BSI Training Academy certificate.

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