Fire Safety Qualifications and Courses 

Fire Safety Training

Fires affect thousands of businesses each year resulting in injury, death, building damages and business interruption.

However most fires are avoidable through effective fire risk assessment and in the unfortunate event of a fire, damage can be significantly reduced by having adequately trained staff.

RRC's Fire Safety Courses

To help organisations reduce the risk of fire RRC provides the NEBOSH International Fire Certificate, and two shorter practical courses to help individuals and organisations assess and manage risks associated with fire.

To find out more click on the links below or contact us for advice on which course is suitable for you or your organisation.

  • NEBOSH International Fire Certificate

    Suitable for those responsible for undertaking fire risk assessments and with responsibility for managing the risk of fire in their organisation

    • Dubai Classroom (9 days + exam, Top Up 4 days + exam): Dubai
    • Online (120 hours of study) available worldwide
    • In-Company worldwide

    Based on International Standards

    NEBOSH Fire Certificate
  • RRC Fire Warden

    Provides the knowledge to take on the role of a fire warden, enabling them to effectively perform their duties during emergency situations

    • Classroom 2 days (In-Company only)
    • In-Company worldwide

    Fire Warden Training
  • Fire Risk Assessment

    Provides the knowledge and skills required to conduct fire risk assessments and identify appropriate preventative and protective measures

    • Classroom 3 days, (In-Company only)
    • In-Company worldwide
    Fire Risk Assessment
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